~~~ COVER REVEAL~~~ A December to Remember Anthology

Title: A December To Remember: 
A Holiday Romance Anthology
Authors: Ella Emerson, Olivia Howe, AJ Matthews,
Joy Eileen, P. Mattern, Casey Harvell, Addison Kline,
CJ Pinard, and Cait Reynolds
Release Date: November 27th, 2015

A December To Remember: A Holiday Romance Anthology filled with seven books from seven amazing authors. All the proceeds will be going to To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA), an organization which aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and thoughts of suicide while also investing directly into treatment and recovery.

Will be available on November 27th for only $0.99!

The Holiday Couple by Ella Emerson

Gavin McDermott has had a rough couple of years. He met a girl, who ended up falling for his kid brother, and then his mother died. Things were not working out quite as Gavin had hoped for his future. With the holidays approaching, he is invited back to his childhood home to spend time with his brother, the girl that got away, and his new niece.

Not wanting to appear to be a failure in love, Gavin gets the idea to bring a “fake” girlfriend home, only problem…who?

Holly Mathis is having a rough time during the holidays. Her mother and step-father are on vacation and Holly is drowning in bills. Her sexy, neighbor stops by one evening and asks her to fake being his girlfriend for the holiday. Appalled, Holly refuses, but when Gavin offers her the one thing she most desperately needs, she finally relents. Only problem is, they hate each other and have hated each other for years.

7 Days of Christmas by Olivia Howe

Alicia Hanson is a very single woman whose life revolves around her job at The National Gazette. Everyday is like a broken record on repeat… Until she meets Cole Castello—a wealthy and handsome man who tries to restore Alicia’s holiday spirit. Can he pull her away from work long enough to enjoy the Christmas agenda? Can the holiday season bring two people together who are so utterly different?

A Season of Hope by AJ Matthews

Winn blames herself for everything. Her brother’s injuries. The fact that he’s in a wheelchair for heaven-knows-how-long. And that her nephew Tyler, who has autism, has had to adjust to so many changes in the last year. Her own holiday revelry last Christmas left her unable to drive—and so her brother was at the wheel when a drunk driver collided with their car. Winn’s never been a huge fan of Christmas, but this year she downright dreads the upcoming festivities.

Leave it to her brother to relocate their family to the one place in North Carolina that goes all out for Christmas, attracting visitors from all over the southeast.

Eric loves two things: training service dogs, and celebrating the holidays, because nothing made his deceased sister happier than spreading joy, especially to children in need. Children like Tyler. And his aunt could use some Christmas cheer too. Despite the undeniable chemistry Winn and Eric share, her belief that she doesn’t deserve happiness because she’s made so many lives miserable gets in the way.

Can a cute kid and an adorable dog bring this damaged pair together, or will Winn’s guilt continue to drive her to deny her own happiness?

Ghost of Christmas Past by Joy Eileen

Esmerelda Tussaud was born with the ability to talk to spirits. 

Jake Delassixe loved her the moment he saw her sipping chocolate milk through a straw at his grandma's bar. 

Jake didn't think anything could tear them apart, especially after they endured the cruelty of high school. Esmeralda proved him wrong when she left him, on the night of their graduation after his proposal. With nothing tethering him to New Orleans, Jake moved to New York to revamp an old bar his grandma gifted to him. 

Now things are starting to happen in his bar. Things that only Esmeralda can help him with. As Esmeralda comes to Jake's rescue to rid his bar of unwanted specters, she also raises the love he thought was dead. 

Can Jake forgive her?

Will she be banished from his heart like the ghosts in his bar?

Christmas at Cross Purposes by P. Mattern


Cami Blake and Reno Fortuno fell in love to fast and to young. Cami’s disapproving and wealthy family forced her to break off her romance with Reno and enter into an early and disastrous first marriage that ended in divorce. Four years later a chance encounter reconnects the two star crossed lovers and Cami realizes that she has never forgotten her ’first’—but can she come to terms with the fact that Reno’s successful business goes against all her strongly held religious beliefs?

Lights of Pemberley by Addison Kline

Jocelyn York is not prepared to celebrate the winter holidays. With many presents still to buy, a tree still to decorate and travel plans to make, Jocelyn's to-do list is a mile long. Add to the top the seemingly insurmountable grief from learning that her husband Grant, an infantryman for Her Majesty's Army, was killed in action just six months ago. You can safely guess that Jocelyn is not in a joyous spirit. 

Andrew Barrington has been honorably discharged from the army and is re-entering civilian life for the first time in seventeen years after a serious injury has left him unfit for active duty. Coming home with a promise from his best friend who was killed in action, Andrew has one final mission he must compete: Return Grant York's dog tags to his widow, Jocelyn, along with a final letter. Andrew considers this his final tribute to his friend; a duty he must fulfill. The last thing he expects to happen is to fall for his best friend's widow. 

As these two broken souls collide under the lights of Pemberley, their hearts must decide if their common bond will bring them together or tear them apart.

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree by Casey Harvell

When Becca drags Felicity to the top of a mountain to celebrate Christmas, Felicity humors her.

 When Becca and her boyfriend Will include his pal Eric in the plans, Felicity still promises to make the best of it. Who would’ve figured that Felicity would meet somebody who’s actually kind of okay while there? Definitely not her.

Is Felicity really ready to let someone in?

Unwrapped by CJ Pinard

Being the center of attention isn’t exactly my favorite thing in the world. Being the center of attention at this holiday awards party, when the guy who royally screwed me over this past summer is in the room watching me ranks even lower than that.

My ideal month-long holiday break will be spent trying to avoid eye contact with the infuriatingly still-sexy Landon and all his pompous ass friends, while I instead seek out Finn. He seems nice, normal, and cute, and his parents own the best ski lodge around.

These are my intentions, but sometimes the best-laid plans become unraveled, and while I will try not to become too tangled up in drama on what is supposed to be a relaxing Christmas break, I just may end up unwrapped.

Gifted by Cait Reynolds

When you have love, what's left on the Christmas wish list for an immortal?


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